Akhtar Raza Khan

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What the great ulemah have said about this 15 th century mujaddid huzur mufti aazam Bareilly Sharif

Ala Hazrat Ash Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho)

The father of Hazrat Mufti-e-Aazam Hind (Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anho),and the MUJADDID of the fourteenth century, knew the excellence, and greatness that his blessed son was bestowed within the month of Rajab 1339, he announced the following in a gathering of ULAMA.

On the basis of the authority that I have been given by ALLAH and his RASOOL (Sallallaho Alaihe Wa Sallam).I here by appoint these two

Sadrush Sharia and Hazrat Mufti Aazam Hind],not as Mufti, but on behalf of the Shariah ,I appoint them both as QAAZI(Chief Justice), and their judgment is the same as that of a Qaazi-e-Islam.


He was one of the persons blessed with the honour of teaching, Hazrat Muft-e-Aazam Hind (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho) was apparent from his early childhood. HAZRAT ALLAMA MUFTI RAHAM ILAHI (Rahimatullahi Tala Alaih). Seeing the foresight and greatness of , Hazrat Mufti-e-Aazam Hind (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho) as a child. Once said the following to SARKAR AALA HAZRAT(Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho).

I am greatly honored, that you have appointed me as the teacher of the MUJADDID (Reviver),but I know that the true teaching will be done by you. I already see amazing signs of willayat and wisdom in him even now.


He is one of the Grand Sheikhs of the silsila BARKATIYA and the father of the present Sajaada Nasheen of Mahrehra Mutaahira,

Hazrat sayyid Ameen miyan Qibla. He says I saw the spiritual son and sign of my fore father (NOORIE MIYAN), , Hazrat Mufti-e Aazam Hind (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho) in every way possible. I saw him whilst he ate, as he issue decrees, and as a true successor of his blessed father. I saw him in the eyes in the eyes of the public and in the privacy of him at home.

According to me , in every thing he did, there was piety, knowledge, wisdom, and strict adherence of the sunnah. He was a very great Aabid, Zaahid,Leader and a Mujahid in Deen. In the present era I have never seen any person more pious and with more knowledge of Islam than him. His services to revive Islam is clear and evident. There is

No doubt, that he is the MUJADDID of the fifteenth century.


He was the successor of Hazrat MEER SAYYID ABDUL WAHID BILGIRAMI (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho),who is a mighty sheikh of the Silsila-e-Barkitiyah,was a great wali of his time .

He was a direct descendent of the Holy PROPHET (Sallallaho Alaihi wa salam), and a personality whose willayat was apparent to all. He Says If one reads the illustrious works of our pious predecessors, then the piety and the explanation of the pious servants of ALLAH that are found in these works, are seldom seen in the ULAMA of today.

One numerous occasions, HAZRAT MUFTI-E AAZAM HIND (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho) visited BILGIRAM SHAREEF.

Those signs found in our predecessors, can be found in HAZRAT MUFTI’E AAZAM HIND (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho) He is an exalted WALLI ALLAH, a unique JURIST and embodiment of KNOWLEDGE,WISDOM and proper PRACTICES.

I have as yet not seen any one that shows respect of the SAYYIDS,like HAZRAT MUFTI-E AAZAM HIND (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho).

HAZRAT SUTHRE MIAN(Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho),was once asked concerning the present MUJADDID and he replied by saying there is no doubt in my mind, that it is HAZRAT MUFTI-E AAZAM HIND (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho).Who is the MUJADDID of this Century i.e. the 15TH CENTURY.


Sultanul Manazireen,Shaikhul Aarifeen,Hazrat MUJAHID-E-MILLAT, MAULANA SHAH HABEEBUR RAHMAN Abbasi Razvi(Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho),was contemporary of HAZRAT MUFTI-E AAZAM HIND (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho).

He says: HAZRAT MUFTI-E AAZAM HIND (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho),is the KING of the AULLIYAH of his era. This the year of 1399 HIJRI,All the condition of a MUJADDID are found in its most high form in HAZRAT MUFTI-E AAZAM HIND (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho). Only one condition is left. The 14th (FOURTEENTH) century is about to come to an end. If he gains some part of 15th(FIFTEENTH) century then there is no doubt ,that he is the true MUJADDID of the 15th (FIFTEENTH) century.

It must be noted that as per the statement of), RAEES- E-ORISSA HAZRAT MUJAHID E-MILLAT (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho),

HAZRAT MUFTI’E AAZAM HIND (Radi ALLAHu Tala Anho) did attain part of the 15th (FIFTEENTH) Century, as he only passed from this FAANI world in 1502 HIJRI.


Moulana Rizyanur Rahman sahib farooqi(sheikh ul jamai darool uloom noori indore(m.p)

huzur mufti-e-aazam is head of ulemah and in mashaiq is a sheikh of all mashaiq of his times.(interview in Kanpur) mufti sayad afzal husaain sahib (sheikh ul hadis darul uloom qadaria lahor-pakistan all the peer,sheikh,and aalims have respect for huzur mufti aazam and they have aqidat and love for huzur mufti-e-aaza.

Moulana mustaq ahmed nizami sahib –allahbadi (sadar all india sunni jamiatul ulemah) What ever mufti aazam has said from his toung aur pen is itself a rule…when he write we remember imam gazali and when he write hadith we click in our mind the bukhari sharif and muslim sharif …meaning he is such a great scholer and personality with noor and beauty that is un matchable.

Moulana Muhammad kalim sharami (bihar) such a great perosanlity that his every act is according to shariat and whole of the life was spend on work of deen..


Allama of moulana ziyaul qadari chisty nizami badyuni imam e ahle sunnat sadre millat mufti e aazam. Areb se to ajam sohra hai jinki fazilat ka Who ibne hajrat ahmad raza kha Mustafa jee haan. Immam sadar hai ek door mai jo ahle sunnat ka. Moulana nasim bastavi Tahafooz ..falsafa..tafseer..ke faqhi masail ke Sabhi kahty hai ki aakada khusha hai mufti-e-aazam ka Janab siddiqi kanpuri Tajdar e millat Mustafa raza kha.. Muktada e ummat Mustafa raza kha. Fakhre ahle sunnat Mustafa raza kha. Moulana zahirudeen qadari sahib (Kanpur) today in the whole world best of the best is none but huzur mufti e aazam .